Sunday, September 13, 2015

Two Special Sites for International Law 

The U.N. has created an Audiovisual Library of International Law. You can find a list of the available lectures here. A good start for exploring the series might be Ruth Wedgwood’s lecture "Human Rights Bodies - Introduction" (37 minutes, no transcript)
In addition to lectures from the last few years, the site also has historic archives -- for instance discussion on the Draft Convention on Genocide at Paris, 9 December 1948 (10 min 44 sec, no transcript).

The webside of The European Journal of International Law (EJIL) has something they call EJIL: Live! The latest addition is an extended "Fireside Chat" between the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, Professor Joseph Weiler and Professor Jan Klabbers of the University of Helsinki, whose article "The Transformation of International Organizations Law", appears in Volume 26, Issue 1 of the review. 37 min, no transcript.