Monday, May 26, 2014

Summaries of Recent UK Supreme Court Judgments Available on YouTube

The UK Supreme Court records the short presentations made by its justices explaining the court's decisions. These are usually 5 to 7 minutes long, with no transcript, but very clear, with more information available if you click on "show more". Recent cases have involved

  • human rights - whether the living arrangements made for a mentally incapacitated person amount to a deprivation of liberty
  • private international law/Rome II Treaty - how English courts should deal with the assessment of damages in claims arising out of fatal accidents abroad
  • workers'  rights - whether a solicitor who is a partner in an LLP (limited liability partnership) can be considered to be a "worker" and so protected as a whistle-blower
  • property - whether the use of a recreational ground was "by right" or "as of right"
  • evidence - the proper use of linguistic experts in asylum claims
  • international family law - grandparents' rights of custody and the The Hague Convention on International Child Abduction.