Friday, August 31, 2012

U.S. Supreme Court 2011 term

For those who follow the U.S. Supreme Court and its decisions —
the Judicial Conference of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals invited Kathleen Sullivan, professor of constitutional law and a name partner in a big law firm, to give a review of the latest Supreme Court term then posted the talk on YouTube. Sullivan devoted the first 40 minutes of her talk to the blockbuster Affordable Care Act decision. She next spoke of the decision about Arizona's immigration laws, then a case involving whether the First Amendment protects lying about receiving of a military medal, several other First Amendment cases involving the Establishment Clause, then criminal cases about search and seizure, ineffective counsel in plea bargaining and mandatory life imprisonment for juveniles. Her brief preview of the coming term included cases involving the Alien Tort Statute and affirmative action. 1 h 27 min, no transcript