Tuesday, May 29, 2012

London School of Economics lectures of interest to lawyers

LSE posts podcasts and videos of lectures given at their institution on many subjects.
On 23 May the lecture was entitled "Unlawful Laws: How far can arbitrators go?" Pierre Mayer and Jan Paulsson discussed the question of whether international arbitrators can consider some otherwise applicable laws to be unlawful. 119 min, no transcript
On 14 May Jonathan Sumption, a justice of the UK Supreme Court, discussed foreign policy in the UK courts. 81 min, transcript (with slight variations) available here
Both lectures are available in streaming or downloadable audio only.
Older lectures of interest to lawyers include Dreaming Transnational Law - Dream, Faith, Vision and Utopia in current legal discourse  by Professor Ralf Michaels of Duke University Law School recorded on 17 November 2011. 88 min. and, on 13 January 2011, A European Contract Law: a cuckoo in the nest? by Hugh Beale professor of law at the University of Warwick. 78 min, no transcript.
Both of these earlier lectures are available in video as well as audio, but the sound is better in the audio version.