Monday, November 21, 2011

Webinar on the American Constitution

For those interested in the American Constitution, the American Constitutional Society, a liberal think tank, has published a downloadable online book, Keeping Faith with the Constitution, and this fall has added a "webinar"(web seminar) - 15 min. lectures (plus 15 min. of questions) by 9 scholars. You can download the sound file and both the relevant chapter of the book and a "primer" or outline of the lecture. The 9 chapters of the book are :

Chapter 1 The Constitution's Vision and Values
Chapter 2 Judicial Interpretation of the Constitution
Chapter 3 Equality
Chapter 4 Promoting the General Welfare
Chapter 5 Separation of Powers
Chapter 6 Democracy
Chapter 7 Criminal Justice
Chapter 8 Liberty
Chapter 9 Progress and Possibilities