Friday, September 30, 2011

Stephen Breyer

Stephen Breyer, an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, has written a book, Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge’s View, which has just come out in paperback. The Court year is about to begin (traditionally on the first Monday in October), and so, before things get too busy at his day job, he's been promoting his book and the ideas it contains. You can hear him interviewed September 21st by Tom Ashbrook on NPR's OnPoint, talking, among other things, about how it's not really politics but personal background that accounts for differences in opinion on the Court. 47 min., no transcript — streaming or downloadable .mp3
On Sept. 12, Justice Breyer was in Chicago to speak at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. You can find recordings of this on YouTube here (13 min.) and here (14 min.). Questions and answers are here and include a long answer about the role for foreign law in Supreme Court decisions. That evening he was on a Chicago television program. The video is in three parts, here (23 min.), here (10 min.) and here (6 min.). no transcript
Justice Breyer can also be heard on another radio program, The Takeaway of September 28.
The Supreme Court year (or term, as it's called) begins on Monday, October 3rd, so commentators are talking about what the new term will hold. NPR's Talk of the Nation on Sept. 29 interviewed David Savage, Supreme Court reporter for the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, and former U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal who talked about cases concerning health care, immigration and privacy. 33 min. transcript available.