Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Judges (and other legal professionals) in England and Wales

The official site of the judiciary of England and Wales has some very interesting activities, including "you be the judge" as well as interviews with district judges (what qualities are needed to be a judge, what are the most difficult decisions...)
Adobe flash required, subtitles (closed captioning or CC as it is known) and transcripts (with a few mistakes).
The site also has a link to an interview with Lord Neuberger, now Master of the Rolls and former Law Lord, who talks about his career. The interview is on the icould site which also has 4-5 min. interviews with different kinds of solicitors, a former barrister now a solicitor, legal executives, heads of legal departments, a paralegal, and prison officers
shorter versions (±1:30 min.) of these interviews are also available - transcripts available.