Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Engish legal professions
The College of Law of England and Wales site has started a series of podcasts - Inside Track - for those considering a career in law. The series will continue through November. The schedule of podcasts is here.
The interviewer for the series, Mike Semple Piggot, whose nom de plume is Charon QC, is the author of the blog, Insite Law, where you can find hundreds of his "lawcasts" which are a very rich source of information about the English legal profession. The blog is also in the process of posting free online resources for UK law students - texts, casenotes and recorded lectures. The subjects will include Contract | Sale of Goods | Tort | Criminal Law | Constitutional Law | Land Law | Equity & Trusts | European Union Law | Competition Law | Employment Law | Evidence| Family Law | Intellectual Property.