Saturday, September 05, 2009

BBC Radio 4 programmes you won't want to miss.
Jeopardising Justice -
Part one of a four part series examining the victims' rights movement and its unexpected consequences. Programmes will be available for only one week - episode one will disappear Monday Sept. 7, replaced by episode two.
Also coming up this week :
Top Dogs: Britain's New Supreme Court - next Tuesday 8 Sept. 40 min.
The Last Chance Court - next Wednesday 9 Sept. 30 min.
The UK's first family, drug and alcohol court, a groundbreaking experiment designed to keep children of addicts from going into care.
other programmes still available online :
Two programmes that present the barristers, clerks and staff of one of London's leading law chambers (Outer Temple Chambers). 30 min. BBC iPlayer, no script
programmes from May 2009 - 45 min. BBC iPlayer, no script
  • The Law and Climate Change
  • The Law and Protest
  • The Law and Death
  • The Law and the Unborn
Other Unreliable Evidence programmes from 2009 are available here - but they won't stay available forever, so listen now!