Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Real Deal — "mini-lectures" by Cardozo Law School (New York) professors for prosective students - with transcripts
  • Stewart E. Sterk talks about eminent domain - Kelo v. New London 4:11 min.
  • Melanie Leslie describes a recent Connecticut case that illustrates the challenge of balancing the role of the state and those of parents when a child's welfare is at stake. 3:33 min.
  • Dan Crane, using a famous antitrust enforcement action from the Roosevelt administration, shows how politics can dramatically change how the law is interpreted. 2:47 min.
  • Marci Hamilton speaks about accomodation of religious beliefs by the state 3:47 min.
  • Michael Herz illustrates one policy question facing environmental regulators when setting limits on air pollution: the choice between a "design standard" and a "performance standard." 3:51 min.
  • Justin Hughes discusses the three main areas of intellectual property law: Patent, Copyright, and Trademark. 4:06 min.
highly recommended