Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Justice Talking Justice Talking has begun to provide not only a transcript of their latest hour-long programs, but also, for most new programs, something called closed captioning. This technique enables listeners to have the printed version of the speech appear, 3 or 4 lines at a time, in Windows Media Player. A visit to their archives page will tell you when closed captioning is available. On the page for the program you want to hear, Collecting DNA from the Accused, for example, you will see a choice "Read Along with Closed Captions". Another window will probably pop up asking you to choose what application to open the .asx file with. Choose Windows Media Player, which you will have already if you want to listen to any Justice Talking recording. If this sounds too complicated, you can, of course, read along by downloading the transcript and reading the .pdf file (open with Adobe Acrobat Reader) as you listen to the sound file.