Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hamdan Hamdan v. Rumsfeld was decided by the Supreme Court on June 29. The Bush administration lost the case, but legal observers do not agree about its ultimate importance. To hear about the decision, you can go to NPR full coverage here. Other discussions with legal experts about the case can be found on Boston's WBUR here and here. Australian radio's The Law Report has this. The audio (streaming RealAudio or .mp3) from this site is available for only a month, the transcript will be on the site for a longer period. PBS Online NewsHour has a review of the full Supreme Court year here, with a discussion of Hamdan about 7 minutes into the recording. As usual for NewsHour, you will find a transcript and a recording (either streaming RealAudio or an .mp3 file to download). For a general review of the past Supreme Court term, The audio is either streaming (RealPlayer) or in .mp3 format. Hamdan is discussed around 7 min. into the recording.