Monday, February 06, 2006

More videos from the Annual Herbert L. Bernstein Memorial Lecture series in International & Comparative Law at Duke University Law School Comparative Law as a Bridge Between the Nation State and the Global Economy - Richard M. Buxbaum (September 27, 2005) - talks about the concept of "economic law" as a European notion. Compares the laws of secured interests in property. During question period, speaks about the (limited) role of customary international in the U.S. Click here to see it. Constitutions for the 21st Century: Emerging Patterns - the EU, Iraq, Afghanistan - Chibli Mallat (September 28, 2004) - Click here to see it. You can read a summary of this lecture here. The Challenges of Europeanization in the Realm of Private Law: A Plea for a New Legal Discipline - Christian Joerges (September 17, 2003) - Click here to see it. You can find a revised version of his presentation here. These videos are about one hour long and require RealPlayer. You can download the published version (Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law) of Hein Kötz' lecture mentioned in the previous post through this site.