Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Podcasts For those with .mp3 players (iPods and others), there are more and more .mp3 files available for downloading, not only music but also the spoken word. In the legal area, Justice Talking now has every program available here as an .mp3 file, as does the Australian program the Law Report. Deutsche Welle has a weekly hourlong program in English about Europe you can download here. Washington College of Law (part of American University in Washington, D.C.) has a regular podcast with many topics concerning international law and human rights law. A first year student at the University of Cincinnati's College of Law has started a podcast, The Life of a Law Student, with short segments about contract, tort, constitutional law, and civil procedure. Only for the advanced language learner. You can find a listing of all "crime and law" podcasts here. There will undoubtely be many other offerings coming soon. The BBC is experimenting with podcasting, and has posted some general information about it here, but so far has nothing in the legal field. The daily interview on the Today program might be of interest. For more general language learning, the English as a Second Language podcast is recorded at a slower than normal rate of speed, and provides transcripts of its recordings. For those without iPods or other .mp3 players, you can listen to these files on your computer.