Sunday, April 24, 2005

Public international law and EU law audio/video American Foreign Policy in the War on Terror: Is Torture Ever Acceptable? a debate between Jeremy Waldron and John Yoo, Columbia Law School, April 21, 2005. video click here The Court of Justice of the European Communities, Philippe L├ęger, Advocate-General at the Court of Justice of the European Communities, Duke Law School, March 29, 2005. RealPlayer, 1 hr. 11 mins. video click here Humanitarian law in the EU and universal jurisdiction click here The Supreme Court Meets International Law Dean Harold Koh, Yale Law School video click here Remaking Global Rules: From Torture to Trade [Philippe Sands] video click here The Constitutional Treaty: The Future of Europe? Heritage Foundation, January 26, 2005. 1 hr. 9 minutes video click here The Law Report - Australian radio - has in its archives "The Law Report in Europe". Especially interesting is "European Court of Justice" which has an interview with the British justice on the European Court of Justice audio click here On the Europa website, a series of videos illustrating key subjects and Community policies click here to see the wide choice of subjects PBS (American public television) this site has scripts you can read, if the recording is too difficult at first, to help you. audio, sometimes video available CALLS FOR U.N. REFORM March 21, 2005 click here CRISIS IN SUDAN March 17, 2005 click here CHINESE CHALLENGE TO TAIWAN March 14, 2005 click here CHILDREN AND ARMED CONFLICT March 10, 2005 click here The limits of international law, Eric Posner and Jack Goldsmith present their recent book challenging many assumptions about international law at the American Enterprise Institute. To watch the program via C-Span, go to this page, then chose the American Enterprise Institute Panel on International Law. But don't wait too long, because the archives on C-Span are not indefinite. You can also access the transcript of the debate International Law and Individuals: International Criminal Tribunals, Stanford Law School, March 18, 2005 click here [includes comments by Judge Patrick Lipton Robinson (Jamaica), International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia; Judge Florence Ndepele Mwachande Mumba (Zambia), member of the Appeals Chamber, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda; Judge Geoffrey Robertson Q.C. (United Kingdom), member of the Appeals Chamber, Special Court for Sierra Leone; and Judge Navanethem Pillay (South Africa), International Criminal Court]. 1 hr. 36 minutes. Another video is available of the plenary session of the colloquium, with more stars (Judge Hanne Sophie Greve, Norway, European Court of Human Rights; Judge Theodor Meron, US, president, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia; Judge Rosalyn Higgins, UK, International Court of Justice; Judge Sang-Hyun Song, Republic of Korea, International Criminal Court) United Nations peacekeeping on Justice Learning (audio) click here and don't forget UN Radio, with news everyday