Friday, November 10, 2017

Law in Action Is Back

The BBC Radio 4 programme Law in Action is back with another series of programmes. The first in the series begins by talking about the government’s secret intelligence agency, GCHS, and why it needs lawyers. Later in the programme, presenter Joshua Rosenberg, speaks of « the biggest legal challenge of our lifetime » – Brexit. Finally, you will hear a discussion of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and what kind of news about it the media can report.
The second episode talks about recent acid attacks and what sorts of laws could reduce them, followed by news of a change in what is required to file a claim in an employment tribunal. The fees that were once required have been found unlawful. Then the question whether too many cases involving young people are being dealt with in criminal courts is raised. Finally you can hear a piece about the effect of an apology on potential lawsuits. Another episode will air next week.
about 27 minutes, no transcript.